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Seminar - Violent Extremism and Radicalization causing terrorism

Seminar - Violent Extremism and Radicalization causing terrorism

On June 14, at the Courtyard Tbilisi the second day of the seminar “Violent Extremism and Radicalization causing terrorism: Public Approach" organized by the OSCE was held.

The topics of the seminar were public-oriented police and sectoral cooperation approaches; civil society involvement, fight against violent extremism and radicalization causing terrorism, and in the future: effective policies and measures to prevent and combat radicalization and violent extremism that causes terrorism in Georgia and abroad.

At the 5th session of the seminar, Zaza Vashakmadze, the chairman of the State Agency for Religious Issues, spoke about the activities of the agency. He informed the European guests about the situation in Georgia in terms of religion and the activities carried out by the agency, he also talked about the tolerant environment that characterizes our country.

The representative of the network of traditional and religious peacekeepers from Finland Milla Perugankas positively evaluated the activities of the agency and noted that sharing of Georgian experience is important - "You are far ahead of many European states and we have to learn a lot from you." She also paid a special attention to the facts of the congratulation of religious minorities’ holidays by the Georgian government representatives (visit of the Prime Minister and the government members to the mosque and synagogue and hoding Iftar on behalf of the state), which according to her is a great message and she will definitely transfer to the representatives of her country.

Evgenia Pavlova - Ukrainian Foundation for Children's Rights, Advocacy Officer of the Polish Anti-Discrimination Law - Eliza Rutinovska, Oslo Police Officer combating against Radicalization - Ole Christian Lindstad, representative of the Canadian Police National Security Group Amberdiya Sovd and others also participated in the seminar.