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meeting with representatives of

meeting with representatives of "Red Cross"

Today, at the Administration of the Government of Georgia, the Chairman of the State Agency for Religious Issues Zaza Vashakmadze met with representatives of organization “Red Cross” – Mauro Morabito and Iles Mudaev.

     At the meeting that held with the initiative of “red cross” guests interested about Agency’s activities.

     Chairman of the agency introduced the guest the current processes in our country in terms of freedom of religion, in particular the agency’s activities in this regard; the projects fulfilled by the state in order to promote and develop religion. Chair also talked about cooperation of Religious organizations in the format of the interreligious council that provides a dialogue among religions as well as between the religions and the state.

     At the end of the meeting, guests expressed their intention of close cooperation. They asked Agency’s cooperation to organize meetings with religious organizations and conduct joint humanitarian actions.