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Exhibition – Religions in Georgia

Exhibition – Religions in Georgia

On January 30, at the National Museum of Georgia, State Agency for Religious Affairs, together with the National Museum of Georgia, opened an exhibition "Religions in Georgia".

The event was attended by Georgian Orthodox Church, Georgian Community, Jewish Community, Georgian Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Catholic, Evangelical-Baptist, Evangelical-Protestant, Evangelical-Lutheran Churches, Ezdi Community, Krsna Consciousness Society, Members of Parliament, Government, Diplomatic Corps and Educational Institutions.

Zaza Vashakmadze, Chairman of State Agency for Religious Issues, opened the exhibition; he spoke about the content and objectives of the exhibition. Minister of Culture Mikheil Giorgadze, Director of the National Museum David Lortkipanidze and representatives of religious organizations positively assessed the opening of the exhibition, unanimously noted the role of the exhibition - "Religions in Georgia" in the presentation of religious diversity in Georgia.

The purpose of the exhibition is to raise awareness among religions and public to inform people about the activities of different religions. The exhibition displays various religious attire, literature and attributes.

The project will promote religious diversity in Georgia, strengthening the environment of tolerance and mutual respect. The exhibition will host visitors at the National Museum for 6 months.