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Ayatollah Seddiqi visited Georgia

Ayatollah Seddiqi visited Georgia

Ayatollah Seddiqi a religious leader of Tehran visited Georgia. On the initiative of the State Agency for Religious Issues and the direct participation of the Embassy of Iran Ayatollah Seddiqi met with the Metropolitan Giorgi (Jamdeliani) of Marneuli and Hujabi Eparchy. At the meeting they spoke about religious and ethnic relations in Marneuli. They noted that in Georgia, including multiethnic Marneuli Muslims, Christians and the representatives of other religious communities have peaceful and friendly traditions and they continue it suitably. The Metropolitan Giorgi was pleased to host such a high-ranking guest, as such kind of meetings will further strengthen the close religious and ethnic ties. Ayatollah Sidik thanked the Metropolitan for a warm welcome and said that local religious and ethnic coexistence should be an example for the world.

Ayatollah Seddiqi visited Marneuli municipality where the meetings with the representatives of the local government – Paata Khizanishvili the State Representative - Governor of Kvemo Kartli region, head of Municipality’s Executive Body Merab Topchishvili as well as majoritarian MPs of Marneuli Tamaz Naveriani and Ruslan Gajiev, were held. Representatives of the local officials noted that relationship between the local population in terms of religious and ethnic point of view is truly exemplary. Religious holidays are examples of it when donation collected by Christian congregation for Christmas is equally distributed to vulnerable families of Christians and Muslims. The same takes place at the Eid al-Adha festival.

At the end of the day Ayatollah Seddiqi visited Marneuli House of Culture where the local Muslim clergy and the parish were gathered.

The chairman of the State Agency for Religious Issues Zaza Vashakmadze congratulated the public gathered on the birth anniversary of St. Fatimah Zahra and noted that the state’s religious policy demonstrates what a dialogue between different religious mean – a peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims that is a source of pride for Georgia but is significant for many countries of the world. According to him, the state continues the policy to facilitate the dialogue between the religions so as to deepen existent tolerant attitude between the religious communities in the future.

At the end of the meeting, Ayatollah Seddiqi thanked the hosts for their warm acceptance and a tolerant environment.