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Annual report 2016-17

Annual report 2016-17

On March 7, at 12:00, at Courtyard Marriott Hotel, State Agency for Religions Issues presented a report of 2016-2017.

Representatives of religious organizations, Georgian authorities, international organizations and diplomatic corps in Georgia were present at the presentation.

Zaza Vashakmadze, Chairman of the State Agency for Religious Issues presented the report to guests. The Chairman of the Agency emphasized the challenges of freedom of religion in the country, particularly in the occupied territories, where permanent violation of the indigenous population - the rights of Georgians in terms of freedom of religion, expression and freedom of movement. Also, arbitrary "restoration" of monuments of Georgian theological culture is underway to remove Georgian traces.

 The Chairman of the Agency touched on the "Secularism and Religious Neutrality" trainings for regional administrations, mayors, councils and municipalities and staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs within the framework of the "Human Rights Action Plan". Also talked about the activities of the Agency in terms of international relations; Religious organizations, and others.

Following the presentation of the Chairman of the Agency, representatives of religious organizations addressed the invited guests.