Faith is a freedom of act!



  1. Ensuring support of peaceful coexistence based on equality and tolerance by considering historical experience and internationally recognized norms in multi-ethnic and multi-religious environment.

Our vision:

  1. Cooperation with religious organizations, scientific-educational centers and civil sector in the process of preparing recommendations for the state.
  2. We’ll develop projects of legal documents to eliminate legislative gaps in the sphere of religion.
  3. Promoting the establishment of the following idea in public consciousness - faith is a freedom of act and an internal choice of each person.
  4. Constantly studying and taking into consideration our population’s attitude towards the sphere of religion, as well as annual recommendations of the international organizations.
  5. Based on the ongoing religious processes and the analysis of the current geopolitical situation in the region we’ll develop mechanisms to prevent the risks of religion-based possible conflicts.
  6. Contributing to the creation of such information field which leads to overcoming alienation between society and various religious groups.